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Step into the world of Tony Soprano and his mafia pals on a half-day Sopranos Sites Tour. See 40+ Sopranos filming locations and recognizable sites on this sightseeing tour from NYC to New Jersey’s suburbs. Led by local actors, you'll learn fascinating behind-the-scenes facts and visit sites like The Bada Bing nightclub, The Muffler Man, Pizzaland, Father Phil’s Parish, and more.

up to 4 hrs 1 or more people

Good To Know

  • 3-4 scheduled stops on each tour.
  • Features sites from the famous HBO TV show.
  • Sit in the restaurant booth where Tony sat in the final scene of the series.
  • Tour duration approx. 4 hours.
  • Not recommended for those under 18 years old.
  • Pick-up location: In front of the Buttons Statue on 39th Street and 7th Avenue.
  • Drop-off Location: 40th Street and 7th Avenue.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to tour departure.
  • Tour guides will be holding a BLUE UMBRELLA at all departure points.


from Sopranos Sites
Take a real-life peek into the Sopranos filming locations! Join the Sopranos Sites bus tour by On Location Tours and indulge in the iconically gruesome, thrilling, and secret lives of the Sopranos!

With over 40 sites and filming locations, this one-of-a-kind sightseeing tour is a “must” for any Sopranos fan. You’ll journey from New York City to the New Jersey suburbs where you’ll immerse yourself in the world of Tony Soprano and his mafia buddies.

Tours are led by guides who are actors that have appeared as stand-ins or extras on film sets and share little-known facts and behind-the-scenes info on the locations that are visited throughout the tour.

  • Begin in New York taking in the sites as seen in the opening credits, including the exit of the Lincoln Tunnel and the famous Manhattan skyline.
  • As it arrives in Jersey, see more sites including The Muffler Man, Pizzaland, a featured Tudor house, and the ramp to the Pulaski Skyway as seen at the end of every episode.
  • The tour then hits more recognizable place such as Barone Sanitation, the Skyway Diner, Big Pussy’s auto body shop, and Satin Dolls, also known as the Bada Bing.
  • The tour visits major sites that were used in filming the show such as Cozzarelli’s; Party Box (now unoccupied), Car Wash, Searchlight Diner and St. Cecilia’s Church, all of which were locations for major scenes as seen in the series.
  • Get off the bus for a fun stop at Holsten’s (where the final scene of the last episode was shot) and enjoy complimentary onion rings. Sit in “Tony’s” booth with your family for a nostalgic photo to share with friends.
  • Another major location, Satriale’s Pork Store, was a fictional establishment that was housed in an empty warehouse next to the Irish American Club in Kearny. The set was dismantled after the filming of the series concluded, and the building was torn down to make way for condominiums, which never happened!
  • More filming locations include the Gold Driving Range, Harrison High School, Seabra’s Rodizio, the statue of Christopher Columbus, St. Cecilia’s, the Nuovo Vesuvio; and many, many more.

Tours take place on luxury coach buses, which are air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter. Buses are equipped with on-board restrooms.

Children under 18 years old, including babies, are unfortunately not allowed on the tour, as the content of the tour and several of its stops are not suitable for young children. Please also keep in mind that a couple of the stops on the tour – such as the Bada Bing – do have their own age minimums, and it is up to the discretion of these establishments whom to allow in.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Sopranos Sites

Where does the tour meet?

The Sopranos Sites Tour meets in front of the Buttons Statue on 7th Avenue near 39th Street.

Where does the tour end?

The tour ends at 6th Avenue & West 42nd Street. You will be dropped off at the HBO Shop at 1100 6th Ave, New York, NY 10036.

Are we on the bus the whole tour?

No. You will get off the bus at a few locations along the way, giving you the opportunity to experience the locations and take pictures. Whenever you leave the bus, it is with the tour guide. The tour includes a mix of on-the-bus viewings of locations and stops to get off the bus to explore, all woven into the Sopranos story.

Is there an age limit on this tour?

Children under 18 years old, including babies, are unfortunately not allowed on the tour, as the content of the tour and several of its stops are not suitable for young children. Please also keep in mind that a couple of the stops on the tour – such as the Bada Bing – do have their own age minimums, and it is up to the discretion of these establishments whom to allow in.

What exact locations do we visit?

The exact itinerary and route of the tour varies somewhat from tour to tour, so we can't say ahead of time exactly which locations will be visited on a specific tour. There are usually 3-4 scheduled stops on each tour, but due to weather, traffic conditions, etc, tour routes may differ from tour to tour. The Bada Bing is a location that is almost always stops on the tour. **Please note that Tony's house on the TV show is not an included stop on the tour because: the house is located an hour away from the tour route. The house is located in a private residential neighborhood that does not allow buses.

Is there ever a circumstance when a location is omitted from the tour?

In extremely rare cases, certain locations may be skipped or modified that usually are part of the tour. Since the tour is visiting real-life locations around New Jersey, the tour's itinerary can sometimes be impacted by traffic conditions, store hours, etc. On Location Tours assumes no liability or responsibility for: traffic conditions, access to sites, or other conditions beyond its control.

Are food and drink included on the tour? Can I bring my own?

No food or drinks are served on the tour besides maybe a light snack, but you can feel free to bring something of your own if it is neat and you're sure to remove all garbage from the bus at the end of the tour. Alcohol is completely prohibited on the bus.

Can I bring beer, wine, etc on the bus?

No, it is against New York State law and New Jersey State law to consume alcohol on a bus.

Can I buy Sopranos merchandise on the tour?

Yes. You have the opportunity to purchase Sopranos merchandise at one of the scheduled stops on the tour.

I heard I get to meet one of the actors from the show on the tour. Is this true?

While the actor who plays Vito often makes appearances on the tour, this is subject to his availability. Due to his hectic and often unpredictable filming schedule, we never know until the day of the tour whether he will be able to make it. Cross your fingers!

Are the tours conducted in English only?

Yes, the Sopranos Tour is only conducted in English at this time. Since so much of the tour is visual, however, visitors from countries such as Japan, Germany, France, Spain and many others have enjoyed the tour just the same!

What type of bus is used?

The tour is conducted on a closed coach bus. It is heated in the winter and air conditioned in the summer.

Is there assigned seating on the bus?

Seating is first come, first serve. If you have a number of people in your party that want to sit together, you should make sure to arrive 15-20 minutes early. Guests that arrive late or right at the starting time are much more likely to have to split up their group.

Are the buses wheelchair accessible?

Yes, however you must contact On Location Tours directly at the number on your e-ticket at least 24 hours in advance of the tour to request a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. The wheelchair lifts can accommodate up to approximately 600lbs total; manual wheelchairs are recommended for this reason. Most buses are equipped with on-board restrooms. Buses are not equipped with lap or shoulder belts or harnesses. However, If you will be using a fold-up wheelchair and will be traveling with someone who can provide assistance on and off the bus, you do not need to inform them ahead of time as all of our buses have room in the luggage compartment to store it.

Are cameras allowed on the tour?

Yes. While photography and filming are not allowed on the bus portion of the tour, there are some great spots for taking photos and video at our numerous stops along the way.

Can I take luggage on the tour?

The Sopranos Tour is conducted on a coach bus, so limited storage space is available. Please keep in mind that there will be several stops of up to 15-20 minutes each where you will be leaving the bus. If you are not comfortable leaving your belongings on the bus during this time, you might want to reconsider bringing them.

Do we meet anyone famous at the tour?

At times, but very rarely, “Vito” (played by Joe Gannascoli) will make an appearance at the tour. He is normally not present at the tour because he is either doing acting work or autograph shows.